Current Members

Scott Cockroft Scott Cockroft -

Scott is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. He conducted postdoctoral work with Prof. M. Reza Ghadiri at The Scripps Research Institute, California (2006-2007) and his PhD with Prof. Christopher A. Hunter FRS at the University of Sheffield (2002-2006). He enjoys a good red wine and Shpongle. His eyes are often "funny" because he suffers from myasthenia gravis.

Sam Oldknow Sam Oldknow
PostDoc, 2018–

Sam took up a joint postdoc position with Dr Paul Lusby and Scott Cockroft in 2018. His obtained his PhD working with Prof. Michaele Hardie at the University of Leeds. He is an expert in coordination chemistry.

Marius Haugland Marius Haugland
PostDoc, 2017–

Marius joins the Cockroft group from the group of Prof. Ed Anderson at the University of Oxford, where he did his PhD research on spin labelling DNA in collaboration with Prof. Tom Brown (Oxford) and Dr Janet Lovett (St Andrews). He is now working on transmembrane molecular machines. In his spare time, Marius enjoys singing and going to the gym.

You PhD position to start 2018-2019
PhD Student, 2018–

A 3.5-year funded PhD position is available in the group to work in the area of physical organic chemistry: non-covalent interactions to start any time 2018-2019. The position is open to EU or UK nationals only. Please email Scott Cockroft with a copy of your CV if interested.

Dominic Cairns-Gibson Dominic Cairns-Gibson
PhD Student, 2018–

Dom originally joined the group in 2017 as a final-year undergraduate project student having previously worked on DNA nanocapsules in Dr Jessica Rouge's lab at the University of Connecticut during his year abroad. He enjoyed himself so much that he stayed on to start a PhD in the Cockroft group in the summer of 2018. His affectionate group nickname is deltaG. He no longer has a beard.

Andrew West Andrew West
PhD Student, 2017–

Andrew West, formerly of Sheffield Hallam University, joined the group in 2017 having completed his integrated masterís degree with Dr Simon Turega and Dr Alexander Hamilton based around research into the relationships between conformation strain and the strength of intramolecular non-covalent interactions using chemical model systems. In his spare time he enjoys good music, good food and reading about twentieth century history.

Xavi Xavier Garcia Llinŗs
PhD Student, 2017–

Xavier joined the group in 2017 from the Universidad de las Islas Baleares, Spain, having completed his final year project with Dr Antonio Frontera on non-covalent carbon bonds in biological systems. In his spare time he enjoys reading, practicing sports like fencing and swimming, and learning new ways to better manage his diabetes.

Alex Elmi Alex Elmi
PhD Student, 2016–

Alex graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Masterís in Chemistry with Drug Discovery, which included a placement with Technolgie Servier in Orlťans, and a final year project under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Percy. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to and making music, as well as writing short biographies summarising his academic history.

Rebecca Burns Rebecca Burns
PhD Student, 2015–

Rebecca graduated with a Master's degree in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh in 2015 having completed her final year project with Dr Andrew Lawrence. Rebecca joined the Cockroft group as a Principal's Career Development Scholar. During the summers of 2012 - 14, she undertook research projects within the School of Chemistry at Edinburgh. Outside of the lab, she enjoys listening to and playing music as well as watching TV and reading the occasional novel.

Qingshu Zheng Qingshu Zheng
PhD Student, 2014–

Qingshu graduated with a Master's Degree in Natural Science from Fudan University, spending some of his time working on metal-organic frameworks within the group of Yaming Zhou. He travelled to Edinburgh in 2014 to work on physical organic projects within the Cockroft Group. Outside of work he enjoys playing badminton, swimming and running.

Dominic Pascoe Dominic Pascoe
PhD Student, 2014–

Dominic completed his Masterís degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh where he undertook a year in industry at GSK, Philadelphia. Having completed his final year project in the Cockroft Group he decided to join a PhD project in collaboration with Syngenta. In his spare time he finds himself mainly sitting in comfy seats, eating tasty treats with brief forays to the outside world to the cinema followed by a leisurely evening at the local pub.

Nicole Meredith Nicole Meredith
PhD Student, 2014–

Nicole graduated with a master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield in 2014 having completed a final year project with Lance Twyman on the creation of a light harvesting system using hyperbranched polymers. During her degree she also completed a 9 week organic synthesis placement with Joe Harrity during the summer of 2013. Like Dominic she joined the group for a PhD in collaboration with Syngenta.

Former PhD Students

Dr Antoine Bader
Graduated 2018
ATDBio (Oxford, UK)

Dr Nicholas Dominelli Whiteley
Graduated 2017
Postdoc with Marcey Waters (University of North Carolina, USA) then Postgrad Medicine (St. Andrews/Dundee, UK)

Dr Justinas Slikas
Graduated 2017
Postdoc with James Murray (Imperial) then research scientist at Base4 Innovation, Cambridge

Dr Kamila Muchowska
Graduated 2016
Postdoc with Joseph Moran (Strasbourg)

Dr Thomas Hubbard
Graduated 2015
Synthetic Chemist at Innospec

Dr Catherine Adam
Graduated 2015
Postdoc with Jonathan Clayden (Manchester/Bristol), then Asier Unciti-Broceta (Edinburgh)

Dr Matthew Watson
Graduated 2015
Postdoc with Roman Tuma and Sheena Radford (Leeds)

Dr James Brown
Graduated 2014

Dr Lixu Yang
Graduated 2012
Post-Doctoral Researcher with Neil Champness (Nottingham)

Dr Ma Long
Graduated 2012 (co-supervised with Prof. Anita Jones)
Post-Doctoral Researcher with Prof. David O'Hagan (St Andrews)

Dr Ioulia Mati
Graduated 2012
Post-Doctoral Researcher with Colin Campbell (Edinburgh) then Euan Kay (St Andrews)

Former postdocs

Dr Stefan Borsley
Postdoc, 2016–2018
Postdoc with Prof. Dave Leigh FRS (Manchester, UK)

Dr Jamie Withers
Postdoc, 2018
Postdoc with Prof. Glen Burley (University of Strathclyde, Glasdow, UK)

Dr Dominic Pascoe
Postdoc, 2018
Postgrad Medicine (St. Andrews/Dundee, UK)

Dr Antoine Bader
Postdoc, 2017–2018
ATDBio (Oxford, UK)

Dr James Cooper
Postdoc, 2015–2017
Postdoc with Prof. Sir J. Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University, USA)

Dr Matthew Watson
Postdoc, 2015–2017
Postdoc with Roman Tuma and Sheena Radford (University of Leeds, UK)

Dr Michael Ochsenkuehn
Postdoc, 2010–2011
Postdoc at KAUST, Saudia Arabia, then Researcher at New York University, Abu Dhabi

Dr John Brazier
Postdoc, 2009–2010
Postdoc with King Kuok (Mimi) Hii, (Imperial College London)

Project students and visitors

Laura Fineron
4P MChem Student, 2019

Mia Kapun
4P MChem Student, 2018–2018

Louise Biden
BSc Student, 2018–2019

Katie Grant
Deans summer scholarship, 2017

Lucy McQuade
MChem (RME) Student, 2017

Mohanish Borana
MSc Student, 2017

Karina Krogstrup
Technical Intern, 2017–2018

Anja Neumann
MSc Student, 2016

Simon Sponholtz
Technical Intern, 2016

Amy Marshall
BSc Student, 2014–2015

Daniel Dodd
BSc Student, 2014

Dominic Pascoe
MChem Student, 2013–2014

Lucy Antrobus
MChem Student, 2012–2013

Jack Harris
MChem Student, 2011–2012

Susie Metcalfe
BSc Student, 2010–2011

Eugene Guobin Choon
Visiting Student, 2010

Catherine Adam
MChem Student, 2009–2010

Bobby Oag
BSc Student, 2007–2008

Andrew Cummins
4P MChem Student, 2019

Kris Chambers
4P MChem Student, 2019

Adelina Ivanova
4P MChem Student, 2018–2019

Artem Goldort
BSc Student, 2018–2019

Lydia Bowman
MChem Student, 2017–2018

Militsa Yaneva
MChem Student, 2016–2017

Tay McDonald
MChem (RME) Student, 2016

Christopher Evans
MChem Student, 2015–2016

Sarah McArthur
MChem Student, 2014–2015

Hannah Paterson
MChem Student, 2013–2014

Ksenia Aleksankina
MChem Student, 2013–2014

Calum Ferguson
MChem Student, 2012–2013

Gemma Gowrie
MChem Student, 2011–2012

Basile Wicky
Visiting Student, 2010–2011

Urszula Wolkowicz
BSc Student, 2009–2010

Tereza Vokata
MChem Student, 2008–2009

Stefanie Noe
Visiting Student, 2008–2009

Peter Ning
4P MChem Student, 2019

Sarah Aitken
4P MChem Student, 2018–2019

Hubert Liu
MChem Student, 2018–2019

Dominic Cairns-Gibson
MChem Student, 2017–2018

Alvaro Gallego
MChem (RME) Student, 2017

Ewan Bain
MChem Student, 2016–2017

Simon Thornewill von Essen
MChem (RME) Student, 2016

Alethea Han Hui He
BSc Student, 2015–2016

Jakob Jessen
Technical Intern, 2014–2015

Fredrik Karlsson
MChem Student, 2014–2015

Ben Moss
BSc Student, 2013–2014

Shona Cammack
MChem Student, 2012–2013

Graeme Rogers
MSc Student, 2012

Hayat P. H. Saifuddin
MSc Student, 2011

Nicholas Dominelli Whiteley
MChem Student, 2010–2011

Sophie Spurr
MChem Student, 2009–2010

Kirsten Strain
MChem Student, 2008–2009

Group Photos

Group photo 2015

Cockroft group and Scott's bride, Loch Ard, September 2015.

Group photo 2013

Cockroft group, Hanam's Restaurant, Edinburgh, December 2013.