8th March 2011
The report on the five years of quality of life follow up (PRIME I) has now been accepted by the HTA (funding body) and is available on their website as a downloadable pdf file. Paper copies will be available from the HTA shortly.

12th December 2009
Recruitment has now closed, with a total of 1326 patients randomised. We would like to extend a great 'Thank You!' to all involved.

25th November 2008
Funding has been secured to continue recruitment until December 2009! The Breast Cancer Institute have agreed to fund the additional recruitment period, with the Chief Scientist office (Scottish Government) funding follow up for two years.

25th July 2008
Patient 1000 has just been recruited by Furness! Although we have reached our target, the funding body (Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government) has approved continuing recruitment until the end of November. In the meantime, we are submitting an application to increase the sample size to 1300 to take into account recent falls in recurrence rates. We'll hear in October whether this has been successful, so please keep recruiting!

8th November 2007
Congratulations to Maidstone, who have just recruited the 800th patient!

21st August 2007
The PRIME I report can be found at in pdf format.

2nd August 2007
PRIME I is to be published this month as part of the HTA's monograph series (Vol. 11, issue 31). Once it is on the HTA website, a link to it will be included here.

Our first full paper on the results have also been submitted to the BMJ and is going through the review process at the moment. More news on that as we get it! For future reference, the ISRCTN for PRIME I is ISRCTN14817328

29thSeptember 2005
Congratulations go to Musgrove Hospital (Taunton & Somerset) who randomised the 300th patient into the trial. This was part of a record breaking month of 31 patients, beating our previous best of 26 in one month. Recruitment is now well ahead of schedule, but don't let that stop you recruiting!

17th August 2005
We are now the proud owners of an ISRCTN (, which will be quoted in all future publications. Keep your eyes peeled for ISRCTN95889329! We can be found on our very own page on the ISRCTN website, which has a summary of the trial.

6th July 2005
We are pleased to announce that the trial has now received full funding from the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Executive, which will cover recruitment to the end of November 2008.

25th May 2005
With the publication of the eighth edition of the newsletter, the PRIME website has now gone live. All news items will appear here first, before publication in the next newsletter or by the e-mailing list, so this is the best place to keep updated.

Analysis of the post-treatment data is due to begin shortly. Any publication of the results will be announced here.
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This page was written by Dr Linda Williams and last updated on 8th March 2011.