PhD studentships and postdoctoral research fellowships

Funded PhD places

Apply to work with us through the CRITICAT Centre for Doctoral Training programme. The programme is use new, simple systems to combine two f-block centres (rare earth but also possibly uranium cations) to generate new systems for hydrocarbon C-H bond activation and functionalisation chemistry.

Or join in the collaboration with Prof Jason Love's group in which we're moving to new 'Pacman'-shaped ligand systems to control the redox and oxo-group reactivity of the uranyl dication, [UO2]2+, the persistent, mobile, and ubiquitous form taken by uranium in nuclear waste.

Work in our group

We welcome speculative applications at any time of year to study towards a PhD or spend a postdoctoral research period in our laboratories at any time. The ideal applicant should have experience in synthetic, air-sensitive chemistry, and hold, or expect to receive, a first class or 2(i), or equivalent, Honours degree in chemistry. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or similar support for studies, I am also happy to help with aspects of the application where possible.