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The Arnold and Love groups summer 2013.



green uranyl glass U(V)uranyl crystal

uranium glass and a single crystal of a U(V) uranyl complex

The glass was made at the Edinburgh College of Art from uranyl compounds made in our lab

The single crystal is a remarkably stable uranium complex made from one electron reduction of the ubiquitous uranyl dication


Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, the King's Buildings, Edinburgh, EH9 3FJ, UK. Tel. +44 (0)131 650 5429




We focus on the study of reactive and unusual complexes of the rare earths, actinides, and early transition metals. We use these to make new catalysts for difficult transformations such as hydrocarbon C-H bond activation and CO2 chemistry. Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the synthesis of highly air-sensitive complexes, and the study of their reactivity towards small, inert molecules, particularly in the development of new homogeneous catalysts.


Sept '14:Congratulations and good luck to Joy Farnaby as she starts a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial College, London.

Aug '14: Two new Drs in a month. Congratulations Dr Isobel Marr and Dr Rebecca White on passing their PhD vivas.

April '14: Welcome to Dr Rianne Lord, starting an EPSRC-funded PDRA position to study macrocyclic uranyl chemistry.

Jan '14: Congratulations Dr Aaron Gamboa on passing his PhD viva.

Dec '13: Congratulations and best wishes to Rowan Young on getting a lectureship at the National University of Singapore.

Aug '13: A Chemical Imbalance, our project exploring gender equality in STEM subjects, launches online. Thanks to the Royal Society for supporting it, through the award of the Rosalind Franklin prize.

Jul '13: Dr Joy Farnaby wins a poster prize at the Actinide Science conference, Actinides 2013.

Mar '13: Polly discusses unconscious bias against women in science on BBC Radio's 'Newshour'. Listen to the interview here.

Mar '13: Welcome to Dr Rowan Young, starting an EPSRC-funded PDRA position to look at catalytic hydrocarbon chemistry.

Jan '13: our Dalton paper 'Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide insertion chemistry of f-block N-heterocyclic carbene complexes was amongst the top ten accessed articles from the online version of Dalton Transactions. Full list here.

Jan '13: Welcome to Dr Thomas Cadenbach, starting an EPSRC-funded PDRA position on the catalysis of biorenewable monomers and CO2 conversion; part of our new EaStCHEM £3m sustainable catalysis research programme.

Jan '13: Welcome to Dr Alessandro Prescimone, starting an EPSRC-funded PDRA position to study dinuclear uranium complexes, in collaboration with Professors Euan Brechin and Simon Parsons.

Jan '13: Welcome to Rami Batrice, visiting PhD student from Moris Eisen's group in Israel, funded by a COST scholarship to study catalytic alkyne chemistry with us.

Dec '12: work starts on a film about Women in Chemistry.

Dec '12: Two new Drs in a fortnight. Many congratulations to Dr Anne-Frederique Pecharman and Dr Anne Germeroth. Good luck to both in their PDRA positions starting in January.

Nov '12: Welcome to Joy Farnaby, our newest EPSRC-funded PDRA.

Nov '12: Polly collects her Corday-Morgan prize from the RSC.

Oct '12: Polly lectures at the Royal Society in London. Watch the Rosalind Franklin award lecture here.

Oct '12: Congratulations to Dr Nicola Bell for her award of an EPSRC-funded PDRA in our lab.

Jul '12 Stephen's Nature Chem paper is out.

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