View a drawing of our labs. Each group member has their own high-vacuum Schlenk line in their own wide fumehood. The labs are centrally plumbed for inert gases and two, controllable levels of low-level vacuum for organic chemical procedures. We share two group offices at either ends of the lab, and kitchen, library, and glove box rooms.

lab line line
boxes office office and tea room


Full set of solvent drying towers that run on a recirculating system designed to dry solvents more effectively than conventional solvent towers.


Four single and one double glove box, running at sub 1ppm oxygen and moisture levels. All boxes are fitted with -30C freezers and centrifuges, one with a digital microscope and cold well.


The glove boxes are equipped with electrical feed-throughs enabling cyclic voltammetric (CV) experiments tobe run inside the box.


Two turbomolecular pump - controlled glass line for high vacuum sublimations, and a large, high-vacuum glass line for vacuum transfers and gas reactions.


In addition to the glove box -30C freezers, fridges and freezers covering the temperature range 0C to -80C.


A dedicated Xcalibur Eos single crystal x-ray diffractometer makes handling very sensitive crystals significantly easier, and collecting and solving our own x-ray data provides additional skills.



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