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Current work

Within-host pathogen dynamics:
Model based inference in the life sciences
E. coli

Older work

Avian Influenza
Foot and Mouth Disease 2001
Foot and Mouth Disease 2007
Eco-evolutionary consequences of spatial pattern formation (PhD thesis)
Evolution of kinetoplast DNA minicircles of Trypanosomes
Sequence evolution of eubacterial ribosomal RNA
Dictyosteium discoideum development
Dynamical structure of epidermis


Avian Influenza Epidemiological Modelling and Economic Assessment Project
DEFRA, 2006.

Host-Parasite Interactions Elucidated by McMC Based Bayesian Inference
Wellcome Trust, 2007-2010.

Interdisciplinary Centre for Human and Avian Influenza Research (ICHAIR)

Evolution of infectious diseases: Integrating empirical and modelling approaches
Nescent Catalysis meeting, 2010

Elucidating within-host competition between malaria parasites using mathematical models and Bayesian statistics
Wellcome Trust, 2010-2013

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