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Information for Prospective PhD students

My Research

I'm interested in supervising PhDs investigating the production and comprehension of human speech, including what errors in speech can tell us about the way it is produced, what causes people to be disfluent and how disfluency affects comprehension, and what underlies longer-term difficulties with speech, such as stuttering.

I work closely with a number of researchers in Edinburgh and further afield: For a flavour of what we do, see our research group's wiki, the EDG wiki. You might be particularly interested in some recent PhD theses and other publications which you can find on this page. (You can see a full list of my publications here).

Who I'm Looking For

Ideally, you'll have a strong background in language, psychology, or both: For example, you might have a degree, or be about to graduate, in Linguistics, Foreign Languages, Cognitive Science, Speech Therapy, or any other subject related to psychology and/or language. Depending on your background I might recommend you take the Masters in Psychology of Language before starting on your PhD (this is the standard route in Edinburgh), but I'm interested in hearing from you as early as possible in the process.

Much of the research that I do is fairly high-tech: Among other techniques, we use eyetracking and event-related potentials (ERP) in comprehension studies, and ultrasound imaging in production studies. This means that these projects tend to suit people who are happy with machines and numbers, and with fairly complicated statistics.

If you're interested in the types of PhD (and the types of people!) I've supervised in the past, you can have a look at the theses on the EDG wiki.

What Next?

If you think you might be interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas described above, please feel free to to talk about it.

The University of Edinburgh's Postgraduate Pages give information about funding, costs, visas, the application process, and much more.

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