Spreatsheet Linear equation Solver

There are three options for the linear solver which will be created. Two of these create a stand alone solver with a tabular front end in the spreadsheet with cells in which you can type coefficients. the third creates an `embedded' solver which has no user interface of its own, but allows you to specify the spreadsheet cells from which coefficients and constants will be taken, and into which the solution will be placed.

For the stand alone solver you may specify a full matrix in which you may later enter values for any or all of the coefficients. Alternatively you may specify a semi-sparse matrix in which you identify coefficients which are nonzero. The values of nonzeros may be entered into the spreadsheet cells later, but zero coefficients cannot be changed and will always be zero.

For the embedded solver, coefficients and constants may be either numerical values or spreadsheet cell names (given as RnCm). Cell names must be given for all of the unknowns.

In summary the 3 options are:

Check here if if you want to make an `embedded' solver

Select the number of equations