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I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I live near the centre in a flat with my family. I work as a Research Fellow at I ISSTI,

To amuse myself I have several hobbies that I pursue when I have the time and the opportunity, but really family and work take most of the time.

I enjoy mountain biking, which I get to do around Edinburgh - read my blog for my weblink finds, and my progress as a beginner in this sport. In the summer I get to bike in the area around El Escorial in Spain during summer holidays

I started to learn Tango in 1996 and the following year started the Edinburgh Tango Society, which runs regular tango event in Edinburgh, and brings top tango teachers to the city. I used to dance salsa, but do not have time and more, or the energy to run the web service called EdinburghSalsa

In 2005 I took up running and swimming. I am lucky to have an office next to Arthur's Seat, the University Gym, an Olympic swimming pool and the new University pool. Arthur's Seat is great for running round and up (250m) - I normally try and do a couple of 10k runs a week, and I am slowly getting the hang of it.

I play the fretless electric and upright basses and the cello. Years ago I used to play in the Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra, EUJO. a number of other University Orchestras and in a in a rock'n'roll/jive band called the Dreamliners, but with a family and tango dancing there is no time anymore.

In the winter enjoy hill walking and skiing if I have time and money (which I don't), and would like to do more ski mountaineering, and snow boarding if possible. In Scotland we can be on the slopes in less than 2 hours in some small resorts, but it is 5 years since I went any where near them!.

Living in Scotland, gives the opportunity to visit the Highlands for the weekend. Some pictures and QTVRs can be found of tango trips to the outdoor centre on Loch Tay

I like to design web pages - moving on from simple html in 1996, to php-mysql driven sites, and now wikis. I do it more for the academic and personal interest than anything else, but also from the frustration of working on projects where many people are submitting documents and expecting me to sort them out and put them on line. Now trying to get to grips with apache, xhtml extensions, php, ajax, javascript, wikis and more. This is the original web age with not much change for years, and it should really be done up to look nice! My interest in computers dates from being 11 years old, although it was killed off for a while doing an electronics degree at Imperial College!

I was brought up in Cowes on the Isle of Wight , where I went to school, and where my mother still lives. Here I learnt to sail at the ISC, so I try go sailing when I have the chance. Scotland is a lovely place for sailing, and Edinburgh is by the sea, so I get some racing most weeks in the summer under the bridges, which is not the best place to sail, but rather interesting!

Like many people I like to travel, which means learning languages, which I enjoy with a struggle! (speak French pretty well, and moderate Spanish). Normally these days I go on trips to Spain with the family, and work trips to places such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, and occasionally places like Venice, Boston, Helsinki, Lisbon or Trondheim. I would like to visit Paris more, and try to visit other friends around Europe whenever I have the time and money.
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Started 12 / 4 / 1996

Last updated on May 2005

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