Arnold Myers: Awards

Arnold Myers


2018 :: The Anthony Baines Memorial Prize of the Galpin Society in recognition of 'outstanding contrbutions to the field of organology, and in particular as it concerns brass instruments.'

2014 :: The Christopher Monk Award of the Historic Brass Society in recognition of 'work as an organologist, curator, teacher and administrator of symposia' and 'influential contribution to the understanding of the history of brass musical instruments, and exemplary adherence to the highest scholarly standards.'

2014 :: The Frances Densmore Prize for the most distinguished article-length work in English in 2012 which best furthers the American Musical Instrument Society's goal 'to promote study of the history, design, and use of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods'.

2010 :: The Clifford Bevan Award for Meritorious Work of the International Tuba Euphonium Association 'in recognition of distinguished research in organology and dedicated organizational service to instrument collections'.

2007 :: The Curt Sachs Award of the American Musical Instrument Society.

1991 :: The Jason Farradane Award of the Institute of Information Scientists 'in recognition of services to information science'.