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1-4 JUNE 2017



Depart from Pollock Halls by coach

Arrive at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow
View items from Glasgow Museums collection of historic musical instruments (Heather Robertson, Curator of Transport and Technology)
10:45 Depart by coach

Arrive at Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, Gilmorehill
View Hunterian Museum (University of Glasgow) display of historic musical instruments (Malcolm Chapman, Head of Collections Management)
The University collection includes the Bernard Hague Collection of wind instruments and Lord Kelvin's instruments (see selection listed below)
11:45 Depart by coach

Arrive at the National Piping Centre
View Piping Museum (Hugh Cheape, Research Professor, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig)

12:45 Lunch, National Piping Centre

Short walk to Royal Conservatoire of Scotland main building
View Stars of the John Webb Collection in a showcased display (Stuart Harris-Logan, Archives Officer)
14:45 Depart by coach

Arrive at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland archive, the Whisky Bond, Glasgow
View further items from the RCS Collection of Historic Musical Instruments (Stuart Harris-Logan, Archives Officer)
Particular instruments can be viewed on request, a complete list is at List of RCS Historic Musical Instruments. Please make requests by 19th May, earlier if possible.

Depart for Edinburgh by coach

Coffee, tea and other refreshments are available at Kelvin Hall and at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland main building
If you would like to view particular instruments from the RCS Collection, please notify the organisers by 19 May

Fee and payment
The charge for the excursion, which covers coach transport, admissions and good lunch, is £35.

The excursion to Glasgow is now fully booked. If you wish to be put on a waiting list please contact the organisers.

Further information: e-mail:

This page updated: 9.6.17

Selected list of the Glasgow Museums collection

A.1950.87. Guitar (Harley, London, 1799)
A.1942.68.a. Viol (Betts, London, 1684)
A.1942.68.d. Vielle or Hurdy-Gurdy (Thouvenal, Mirecourt) Picco pipe (Improved, London) Double flageolet (Bainbridge, London, c 1820)
A.1942.68.ak. Flute (Rippert, Paris, c 1690) 3 sections, 1 key
A.1942.35.a.[1]. Flute (Blee & Co, London) ebony, 8 keys
A.1942.66. Musette (probably France) 5 keys Oboe (J.J. Schuchart, London, 18th century) Clarinet in B♭ (Campbell, Glasgow, c 1810)
A.1943.2. Set of lowland pipes (Scotland) Edinburgh hallmarks
TEMP.2354. Idiophone, wood, jingles at either end
OG.1958.42.[1]. Side drum (Scotland) Bass drum (Scotland)

Selected list of the Glasgow University collection

112005. Double flageolet (Simpson)
112008. Small flute (Campbell, Glasgow) cocus, 1 key
112013. Flute (Gerock) boxwood, ivory ferrules, 1 key
112021. Flute; boxwood, ivory ferrules, 6 keys
112030. Flute (Meyer, Hannover) cocus, 10 keys
112038. Oboe; 13 keys
112039. Oboe (Buffet-Crampon, 10) black wood, Boehm system
112044. Baritone oboe (Piatet, Lyon) stained boxwood, globular bell, 11 keys
112045. Clarinet in E♭; cocus, simple system
112046. Clarinet in C (Collier, Miller) boxwood, ivory ferrules, 5 keys
112049. Clarinet in C (Prowse) boxwood, ivory ferrules, 6 keys
112051. Clarinet in C (Ebblewhite) cocus, ivory ferrules, 13 keys
112056. Bassoon; 6 keys, with crook
112062. Clairon or single-coil bugle in B♭ (Couesnon, early 20th century)
112064. Trumpet in F, 2 valves (Köhler) with decorative garland
112068. Ballad horn (Boosey & Co, 1870)
112070. Bass (Made in Austria for Chappell) 4 rotary valves
112071. Ophicleide; 11 keys, with mouthpiece
112072. Keyed bugle (Smith, Wolverhampton), 8 keys
112073. Buglet (Keat) with mouthpiece
112074. Serpent
113388. French horn (Probably England. probably second quarter of 19th century) with 3 master crooks and 2 couplers.
113389. French horn (by J. Pask, London, 1842-45, but appears to be of French manufacture) 2 Berlin valves; with full set of 10 crooks.
105647. Cornet (by J. Pask, London, c 1842) 3 Stölzel valves; with 6 crooks and 2 tuning bits.